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USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (4 pins)

USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (4 pins)
USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (4 pins)
USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (4 pins)
USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (4 pins)
USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (4 pins)
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USB to COM / RS232-TTL / UART (PL-2303HX), 4 pins for VCC, TXD, RXD, GND


1. For computer with no serial port, add a extra serial port (for example, most laptops now do not have serial port).

2. Use with our wireless Bluetooth serial module for serial communication.

3. Many people have bought upgrade satellite receiver, using 9-pin serial port relative to the computer is more convenient, because no need to use MAX232 for conversion!

4. For STC Microcontroller program downloads. This module is equivalent to a download cable, and can give a full range of STC download, cheap and convenient.

5 for other purposes I do not say we know this thing is as long as the computer's USB port into the serial port stuff, serial can do, this guy can do, ADSL or route upgrade, DVD upgrades, GPS with PC serial port communications, etc., abound.

This module can convert the signal directly from USB to serial port, the baud rate from 75 to 1,228,800, with 22 kinds of baud rates to choose from, and support 5,6,7,8,16 a total of five kinds of data bits.

Output including +5 V, TXD, RXD, GND four lines, which is +5 V and GND directly from a computer's USB port connected, please do not use +5 V and GND reverse or short-circuited.

  • USB Specification v1.1/2.0
  • Chip : PL-2303HX
  • Tested with the baud rate up to 115200 bps.
  • Low cost USB to COM/RS232 converter
  • Easy to use, aiming development between computer and microcontroller with 5V logic.
  • USB powered, no external source is required to use this converter
  • +5V Vcc UART interface.
  • Easy to use 4 pin interface: TXD, RXD, GND and VCC (+5V).

  • Download :
    Support Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7 Operating System

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