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BlueBoard-LPC214X-S is a stamp board for NGXâ€â„¢s Blueboard Base. The LPC2148 microcontroller has 512KB of internal flash and 32+8K RAM, can be clocked up to 60Mhz. LPC2148 features include USB 2.0 device, 2xUARTs, RTC, 2x10bit ADCs each ADC has multiple channels, 1xDAC, 6XPWM, 2xI2C, 1xSPI, 1xssP, 2x32-bit TIMERS, FAST I/0 support and WDT. LPC2148 also supports In System Programming (ISP)

Following are the salient features of the board:

  • Dimensions: 47x47 mm2
  • Two layer PCB (FR-4 material
  • 12MHz crystal
  • 32Khz crystal for RTC

User Manual (Same as Blueboard-lpc214x)
Sample Code (Same as Blueboard-lpc214x)

What tools to use?
Our products are in general not tied up to one particular tool. All the tools that support lpc1700 cortex-M3 series of micro controllers can be used, to name a few:

How to program the board?
There are various options:
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