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MB-102 Breadboard 166x54x9mm 830 holes

MB-102 Breadboard 166x54x9mm 830 holes

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This 6.5" x 2.125" breadboard has eight bus lines, each spanning half the length of the board, and 63 rows of pins, enough for up to nine 14-pin DIP ICs or seven 16-pin DIP ICs. The rows and columns of tie points are conveniently labeled, and multiple units can be connected for larger projects.

Note: As of April 6, 2011, this breadboard has changed slightly. It used to have four bus lines that each spanned the full length of the breadboard, but now it has eight bus lines that span half the length of the breadboard (i.e. the formerly full-length bus lines are each divided into two separate halves, with a double-wide gap between these halves). Please take this change into account if you are copying a circuit from an older version of this breadboard to a newer version.

Breadboards are commonly used for prototyping because they allow you to quickly build temporary circuits without soldering. Breadboards accept most through-hole parts and up to #22 wire. When you're done or want to change your circuit, it's easy to take your circuit apart. For best results, use solid wires when breadboarding; you'll find pre-cut jumper wire kits and premium jumper wires especially convenient.



Size: 6.5" x 2.125"

General specifications

Point count: 830

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